Labor omnia vincit improbus

Sitting on stone searching for validation
Openly criticizing my simple heart
I thought I saw some reflection of recognition in your cool eyes
So I stared at the warm puddle at my feet
Wringing your hands searching to find the words
Imparting more meaning with your body
I listened with the attention of a man on battle lines
So I could not gain pleasure from your diction
Gleaning my strength from rain water reserves
Bracing myself for the lashes
I knew I would not speak with you again
So I smiled my truest smile

Silence is better than noise when the noise disrupts the silence


I hear the rumble of the train as it moves under the earth beneath my feet
I feel it, a heartbeat thumping madly against the chest
Information rushes through streets, blood through veins
Networks of personality surge connected by networks of nerves
Channels run through rivers of understanding
I am nothing without my setting
I heard it said the subject is nothing without the predicate

Writing My Body

With each pair of eyes that grow to regard me
Heat that warms the blues of my skin makes me more and more uncertain
If those who cannot do, teach: what is the lesson?
What is it to do the un-doable?
To claim decisiveness and wield my will
To brandish my pale skin
To choose